Setting the Standard for Commercial, Industrial, Marine and Residential Ventilation Care

Why bother with an inspection if the ducts are going to be cleaned anyway?

Without an inspection, it cannot be assumed that an entire ventilation system requires cleaning. At a given point in time, there may be areas of the ductwork that require cleaning while others require monitoring only. With the video analysis provided by an inspection, you are able to plan improvements to the ventilation system as well as budget for the specific clean air services that you require when you require them.

Do we clean acoustic lined ductwork?

Yes. BANDY II, our cleaning robot, is equipped with a variable-control apparatus which enables removal of the particulate without damage to the acoustic lining. Since BANDY is camera equipped, we can watch the cleaning process and adjust the pressure of the direct contact apparatus as required.

Is the ventilation system shut down during cleaning?

The system is usually disabled during the cleaning procedure; the cleaning procedure allows the system to be reinstated after each working shift until the project is complete. This allows for buildings to maintain daily operation. By cleaning the system zone by zone, our crew moves to each sector designated for cleaning, the openings into and out of the defined area are sealed off from the rest of the system with pressurized foam gaskets. The cleaning does not interfere with normal operations elsewhere in the system. This application normally applies to commercial, industrial, or marine sectors.


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