How Atlantic Ventilation Cleaning Gets Your Ducts Clean

The Robot

Atlantic Ventilation Cleaning Limited's robot is designed for cleaning acoustic lined and metallic ducts. It is unique within our industry and is of patented design. The robot's features allow us to adjust the intensity of the cleaning action and monitor the cleaning process with the remote mounted camera system. As a result, we are able to adjust the robot's cleaning function to gently remove the particulate from the acoustic lined ducts without damaging the surface integrity of the lining, or intensify the cleaning action in the metallic duct to remove the heavy accumulations of insects or caked on mud.

Cleaning Process

During the cleaning process, the ventilation will be under vacuum, which directs all of the contaminates from the ventilation system, including any fibres from the acoustic lining to our proprietary HEPA filtered capturing unit. This filter system has an efficiency of 99.997%, which ensures that all contaminates from the ventilation system will be captured, protecting your working environment. To facilitate the inspection process, we use our remote controlled robot BANDY II with mounted video camera, which is designed to drive through the air distribution system. BANDY II provides detailed scanning of the inside air distribution system, which is projected onto a color monitor and recorded on flash drive or card format video tape with a minimum four hundred lines of resolution. Further, we also inspect the safety equipment (e.g. fire doors). All deficiencies are identified, photographed and recorded.


Upon completion of the evaluation, a documented report is presented. The report contains a complete analysis of the findings plus a video presentation of the inspected ductwork. The following describes the unique elements of our ventilation cleaning system. The Atlantic Ventilation Cleaning Limited's robotic direct contact brushing method contacts the ductwork on all four sides simultaneously, providing a work method that ensures particulate removal of a quality superior to traditional compressed air and hand vacuuming. These brushes render the interior surface of ductwork to its original clean, smooth condition. This method ensures quality particulate removal with minimum access damage.

HEPA Filtered

All vacuuming units used for cleaning are HEPA filtered, so that the contaminants from the ventilation system do not re-enter the workplace. After cleaning, the inside surfaces of the ventilation system are videotaped to confirm the quality of cleaning, and to provide the client with a documented record of the clean internal surfaces.

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