How Atlantic Ventilation Cleaning Works to Ensure Your Air Quality

Ensuring Healthy Indoor Air

Without HVAC Hygiene Maintenance, your HVAC equipment is vulnerable to:

  • Microbial growth

  • Fiberglass insulation damage

  • Coil corrosion

  • Additional system failures - e.g. blower fan failures, drain blockages, belt issues

Causes of Microbial Growth

Moisture in your building's ventilation is often a breeding ground for mould, fungus and Legionella bacteria.

  • Unit structure compromise (e.g. roof leakage, door gasket failure)

  • Condensation pans/drains failure

  • Internal/external moisture (condensation from AC coils, fresh air intake pulling in rain or snow)

Acoustic Insulation Damage

Insulation surrounding your HVAC system is often damaged. This occurs because:

  • Over time, insulation becomes dehydrated and lining integrity is compromised

  • A broken belt hits the insulation, breaks the outer liner exposing raw fibers to the airstream

  • Mechanical repairs performed disturbing existing insulation

Dangers of Insulation Damage

  • Damaged insulation entering airstream through the fan unit, contaminating ventilation system

  • Causing indoor air quality complaints such as acute irritation to the skin, eyes and respiratory tract

  • We ensure insulation remains intact

Prolong the Life of Your HVAC

We inspect your blower fan:

  • Keeping fins cleaned for better balancing

  • Extend bearing life

  • Reporting of broken or worn belts

The Solution: HVAC Hygiene Maintenance Program

Clean Diffusers

Keeping clean looking diffusers:

  • Prevents occupants from worrying about air quality

  • Facility’s aesthetic appearance is maintained

Filter Inspection

We inspect your filters and filter rack, ensuring proper fit and preventing filter bypass from occurring. We are also pleased to change your filters.

  • Making sure the unit is OFF, not drawing in any unfiltered air to the system, client-supplied filters will be changed on an as need basis

NADCA Gross Weight Analysis

  • Forecasts how fast your system becomes dirty

  • Sets duct recleaning schedule according to NADCA acceptable exposure limits

Accurate Reporting

  • All HVAC hygiene maintenance is documented and recorded

  • Demonstrates due diligence

  • Quick reference for facility managers to view and share with others

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